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Film This Weekend: Tom Hanks stars in the “Bridge of Spies” and Pixar Movie “The Good Dinosaur”

Film This Weekend: Tom Hanks stars in the “Bridge of Spies” and Pixar Movie “The Good Dinosaur”

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    Nov 27, 2015   Author : admin


Bridge of Spies

Steven Spielberg weaves cinematographic magic in the Cold War historical drama Bridge of Spies, starring Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance.

Tom Hanks plays the American attorney tasked with the defense of a Soviet Spy in court, and in turn to negotiate the exchange of the spy for the return of a captured American U-2 spy plane pilot. The Dreamworks Studios film has a cynical and gripping approach thanks to the stimulating scripting by the Coen Brothers.

The film re-creates the real life spy-swap case in the most intriguing way possible as we are taken through the motions of the tense negotiations and endless calculations. It is indeed one of the best offerings from Spielberg in recent years, and a sure shot win at a war movie. Tom Hanks proves yet again with his measured performance what makes him one of the most respected actors in Hollywood while Mark Rylance plays the Russian Rudolf Abel with equal expertise. 

The Good Dinosaur

This week Pixar’s latest offering also hits the screens and this time they are taking us on a trip back in time – straight to the dinosaur era.

The animated film explores the unusual friendship between a young dinosaur Arlo and his human companion Spot. When Arlo ends up being washed away by a rainstorm and miles away from his family, he strikes up an unlikely friendship with Spot the Neanderthal boy and together they set on a journey to re-unite Arlo with his folks. Yes, the storyline doesn’t seem extremely fresh like most Pixar movies we are used to but the film derives its strength from its execution and heart.

In any way, The Good dinosaur doesn’t measure up to the previous Pixar gem “Inside Out”, but is a feel good film in its own right and will definitely interest the kids. If you are looking for some good lighthearted family time this weekend, The Good Dinosaur seems to be a perfect choice.


These are the two movies lined up this weekend and yes, they couldn’t be more different from each other. It’s like the best of both worlds you can choose from and you cannot go wrong with whatever you end up choosing! So happy viewing, folks!


Images:  IGN, Screenrant 

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